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INTX 2015: Technicolor to Show D3.1-Based Modem

Indicating the progress being made on cable’s new multi-gigabit platform for HFC, Technicolor said it will show off a DOCSIS 3.1-based device called the MediaAccess TC4400 at next week’s INTX event in Chicago.

Technicolor (booth 2123), said the device is “currently in lab testing with major cable providers.”

The first wave of D3.1 modems will be hybrids that support and combine DOCSIS 3.0 based on the bonding of multiple 6MHz-wide or 8MHz-wide channels, and a new portion of DOCSIS 3.1-based spectrum that uses blocks of OFDM-based subcarriers. The minimum configuration set by the CableLabs specs calls for those devices to handle a minimum of 24 bonded downstream and eight upstream single-carrier QAM channels (on the D3.0 side), and two 192-MHz wide OFDM blocks in the downstream, and two 96 MHz-wide OFDM blocks in the upstream (on the D3.1 side).

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