Intel Chips In For Amino

IPTV set-top manufacturer Amino Communications announced that it has developed an IPTV set-top that uses Intel’s Atom Processor CE4100, the system-on-chip based on the Intel Atom core and architecture which is aimed at consumer electronics devices. It demonstrated the device at Intel’s recent Developers Forum.

The new Intel chip, formerly codenamed “Sodaville,” is part of the chip giant’s multiyear campaign to extend its processing technology from personal computers and laptops to the consumer electronics market. In doing so, Intel is seeking to capitalize on the growing number of “connected devices” that use an Internet backchannel to support interactive applications, such as TVs that uses Yahoo’s Widgets to provide customized weather data.

Amino says its new Intel-powered set-top will be able to deliver digital video from any TV source, including broadcast, on-demand and open Internet “over-the-top” services. It says the Intel CE4100 media processor will enable IPTV set-tops to deliver “a full open Internet experience” while still supporting high-definition video, home-theatre quality audio and advanced 3-D graphics.

Amino says it has received strong feedback from the demonstrations and is now working with a number of customers to introduce a new hybrid broadcast/over-the-top (OTT) set-top box. It has been working with Intel to implement its chip technology since 2006, with the predecessor CE2110 media processor.

“The CE4100 is a powerful media processor that is designed specifically for home entertainment and enables a greatly enhanced consumer experience,” said Amino CTO Dominique Le Foll in a statement. “As one of the first IPTV solutions providers to demonstrate its capabilities, we are very encouraged by the response from customers and partners – particularly to its OTT capabilities.”

“With new Internet-based services and applications coming to TV, there is a need for a new generation of set-top boxes,” added Intel’s Keith Wehmeyer, GM of IPTV, Digital Home Group. “Amino recognizes the requirements for processor performance and high-quality video and graphics, and is designing a set top box based on Intel’s CE4100 media processor to provide a premium entertainment experience to consumers.”