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Informa Forecast: 3D TV Likely Won't Be Mainstream Must-Have in UK

3D TV is not necessarily the next evolution of TV, and while set manufacturers will have to start making it a default feature for competitive reasons, viewers won't be flocking to it.

That is according to a new forecast from Informa Telecoms & Media.

3D TV use in the UK will drop as a percentage of 3D capable households over the next five years as set penetration grows, according to the report. That will come even with the backing of the technology by major UK broadcasters Sky TV and Virgin.

The BBC also will be broadcasting Wimbledon in 3D for the first time. But while early adopters have meant that last year almost 90% of the UK homes with 3D TV sets were active users, that percentage is projected to drop to less than half by 2016 as 3D becomes the default technology and stars reaching consumers not very interested in it, says Informa.

"By depicting 3D as the cutting edge of technology, CE manufacturers can use it to attract TV set buyers by convincing them that a compelling 3D environment will eventually be in place, so they should equip themselves for it now," said Informa, but the companies view is that 3D could be limited to something of a "novelty," restricted to major events -- like a Wimbledon.

"We do not share the view that 3D represents the obvious next evolutionary step for TV, in the same way that color followed black and white, or HD is following SD," said the report.

Informa Telecoms & Media is a global media research and consulting firm. According to a spokesperson for Informa, the report is "analyst projections based on interviews with more than 100 3D players across the value chain."