IneoQuest Rolls Out Headend Video-Monitoring System

IneoQuest Technologies is stepping up its competition with Mixed Signals
in the video-quality monitoring space with a headend-based video probe,
dubbed Expedus DVA, that can let cable and telco TV operators monitor
250 or more channels using a combination of quality of service and
quality of experience metrics.

By correlating quality of service (QoS)
and quality of experience (QoE) performance, Expedus DVA can cut down
the time it takes to troubleshoot video problems while improving
customer satisfaction, according to IneoQuest. The Expedus DVA can
provide data to IneoQuest's iVMS for centralized monitoring from other
probes in the network.

IneoQuest is launching Expedus DVA with the product's first public demonstration at IBC in Amsterdam Sept. 9-14.

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