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IndyCar Coverage Adds Cameras

Broadcast Sports, Inc. (BSI) has added three new HD on-board cameras, for a total of four systems, for coverage of the 2012 IZOD IndyCar series.

The new cameras, which are incorporated into the chassis of cars, will first be used in March 25th coverage of the Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg on ABC.

Most IndyCar races this season will have six cars equipped with the new four-camera system, a number that will increase to 12 cards for the Indy 500. Cars without on-boards will carry dummy cameras to insure consistent weighting for all the cars.

"The sheer number of cameras capturing views from the track will be incredible," noted Doug Parr, project manager and engineer in charge for IndyCar at BSI in a statement. "With four cameras per race car, we will have 48 on-board views at Indy. Up until now, the most on-board cameras at Indy was 16. Even on a regular race day, we will have 24 cameras."

BSI worked with chassis manufacturer Dallara to integrate the cameras into the body design and electrical systems of the new chassis that will be used in the 2012 season.

In addition to the 360-degree roll hoop camera used in previous seasons, BSI has added a camera in the rear wing for a panoramic forward-facing shot. A third camera placed in the right side radiator duct will offer side views of the racing action and the fourth camera on the rear view mirror will show the driver steering and shifting.

The 360-degree roll hoop camera shot, which has been a staple of IZOD IndyCar Series' broadcast coverage, will also get an upgrade because the new chassis is slightly taller than the old chassis, which creates a better rear view.

The cameras will run from the car's auxiliary electric system, which will eliminate the need for a battery and will reduce the weight of the system and the space it occupies.