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Incognito Declares DOCSIS 3.0 Support

Software, a Vancouver-based provider of "provisioning" software that
cable operators such as Insight and Cox use to manage broadband devices
such as cable modems, says that its Broadband Command Center 5.5
product now supports CableLab's DOCSIS 3.0 standard.

The Broadband
Command Center 5.5 dynamically generates configuration files for DOCSIS
3.0 modems, which are capable of increased transmission speeds both
upstream and downstream and which support Internet Protocol version
6.0. Cable operators started deploying the new modems about a year ago.
Additional functionalities of Broadband Command Center 5.5 includes the
management of SIP endpoints, including IP Phones, Multimedia Terminal
Adapters (MTAs), Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs), set-top boxes and
residential gateways.

According to Chris
Busch, Incognito's VP of Broadband Technology, cable operators are now
rolling out DOSCIS 3.0 devices to new high-speed data customers even if
they are signing up for the slowest broadband connection speeds. By
doing so, they are future-proofing those customers for faster speeds
and new IP services down the road.

"Getting a DOSCIS
3.0 modem in their hands now means they don't need to revisit them if they
want 10- or 20-megabit service in the future," says Busch.