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Imagine Unveils New Branding Platform #IBC2014

Imagine Communications has launched Nexio Channelbrand, a new multichannel branding platform that it will be showing at IBC2014 in Amsterdam.

Nexio Channelbrand is the first Imagine Communications offering to feature capabilities for cross-platform animation building and is designed to provide users with an integrated approach to graphics template creation that streamline workflow.

“Whether preparing content for playout, enhancing the on-air look or differentiating a brand, channel branding tools are an essential part of any broadcast operation,” said Tim Mendoza, VP of product development for Imagine Communications in a statement. “Nexio Channelbrand offers our customers a branding solution that capitalizes on the deep feature set and market-leading design of our award-winning Nexio product family, including a comprehensive set of software-based video codecs, advanced audio routing and a highly reliable architecture. With a flexible, software-based approach, Nexio Channelbrand enables our customers to automate their workflows, streamline daily operations and enhance creativity.”

The Nexio Channelbrand can be deployed as a standalone solution, connected to a larger Nexio playout solution, or integrated with third-party control and automation systems.

Also at IBC, the company announced that it will also be showing the new Nexio Ingest Suite, which provides software tools for managing content ingest and storage.

When integrated with the company’s Nexio Studio Suite and Nexio video servers, the application enables users to more easily manage video assets tnd utilize them for live and studio-based productions.