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IBC: XenData Partners With Blue Lucy Media

technology provider XenData has announced that it will be working with Blue
Lucy Media, a provider of video processing modules and asset management
systems, to offer partial restore capabilities for the entire XenData LTO
archive server range.

IBC2013, XenData will be showing the Tailor
Partial Restore Module as a new software-based plug-in that will enable users
to quickly split large video files stored on LTO cartridges into multiple clip
files and transfer the clips over a network.

Storey, XenData co-founder and CEO, noted that they had provided partial
restore capabilities in the past via integrations with some third party
vendors, such as Dalet. The new alliance would allow this feature to be
directly integrated into their archive systems.

would help users greatly speed up the processing of clips in news and sports
operations with tight deadlines.

integrating the new Blue Lucy module into the XenData range of LTO archive
solutions, we have created a standards based LTO archive solution with fast
partial restore capabilities," he said. "The combined solution does not
compromise our use of either LTFS or TAR formats on the LTO
cartridges which is an important consideration to prevent vendor lock-in."

during IBC, XenData will be showing its recently
announced SX-525 server cluster, which creates fully redundant LTO archives
that scale to multiple Petabytes

SX-525 is designed to handle content that needs to be accessed quickly in the
media and entertainment industry and is capable of being expanded to provide
multiple Petabytes of near-line LTO storage.

supports one or more LTO libraries connected via fiber channel and includes two
servers running Windows Server 2012 in a clustered configuration with a fully
redundant RAID cache, the company says.

works with most enterprise-class robotic LTO libraries and can be configured to
mirror files across two LTO libraries to create a fully redundant LTO archive

product is expected to be available later this year.