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IBC: Wohler Enhances Video Processing Monitor

Wohler Technologies has announced a number of enhancements to its flagship AMP2-E16V audio and video processing monitor, with a fifth version of the product that automates metadata-based level adjustments and offers simplified setup and configuration.

"Complete yet cost-effective test and measurement equipment is fundamental to broadcasters' ability to maintain the integrity of the on-air product, as well as their compliance with industry guidelines and regulations," noted Jeff McNall, Wohler's product line manager for audio and video products in a statement. "The AMP2-E16V audio/video processing monitor is designed to meet both of these requirements, and system enhancements available in our version 5 release make efficient monitoring even simpler and easier for the operator, despite the complexity of video and audio monitoring in today's broadcast plants."

To simplify operations, the new AMP2-E16V version 5 features a new automation configuration menu and hot keys that allow the unit to recall presets automatically based on a predefined set of conditions.

In addition to the new automation and channel-cluster configuration options, version 5 also offers support for both Dolby and SMPTE 2020 metadata-based downmixing, enhanced status window descriptors, and remote setup and software update options via an Ethernet connection.

Already capable of providing monitoring of SMPTE 2020 and Dolby audio signals, the new version of AMP2-E16V can now use either Dolby metadata or SMPTE 2020 metadata to set the center and surround downmix levels.