IBC: Snell Launches Centra Vite

As part of an effort to simplify router installations, Snell will launch Centra Vite, a new router control and configuration tool that simplifies the setup of router installations, at this year's IBC.

The Centra Vite solution is being provided free with all Snell Nucleus controlled routers.

Reductions in the time needed to set up the routers would be particularly important for OB van operators and others that need to regularly move to different venues and events or at studios that are used for multiple-programs.

"With Centra Vite, our family of world-class routers is easier to install and configure than ever before," noted Kirsty Aldridge, product manager for control and monitoring at Snell, in a statement.

Centra Vite's selection of default configurations is designed to allow operators to begin using their Snell routers immediately upon delivery and to let them easily change simple settings such as size and control port protocols.

The configuration tool also allows operators to configure and design hardware control panels, edit signal names, configure associations for multi-level system support, and set up more advanced features including reference selection, switch points, inhibits, and the ability to configure different protocols for different serial and IP ports.