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IBC: RVU Alliance Highlights Deployed Products

Complete Coverage:IBC 2012

The RVU Alliance has announced that a number of
demonstrations of deployed applications of the Remote User Interface (RUI) are
being shown at IBC this year. These include products involving such RVU members
as Broadcom, DirecTV, Entropic Communications, Pace and Samsung.

The group also announced that the DirecTV Home Media Center,
which is based on RVU protocol, has also been shortlisted as a finalist for the
IBC Content Delivery Innovation Awards to be held on Sunday, Sept. 9.

"We are thrilled at the number of demonstrations of deployed
solutions at IBC this year," said Henry Derovanessian, president of the RVU
Alliance and senior VP at DirecTV.  "We expect to see several million RVU
client and server devices deployed next year from a number of OEMs. With the
roadmap finalized for the next generation of the protocol, RVU clearly is the
leading RUI solution supported by broadcast operators and OEMs alike."

RVU is an open standard built on the DLNA standard, and was
incorporated into the DLNA Interoperability Guidelines in early 2012.

The RVU Protocol Specification describes a RUI standard
which allows a single server, gateway or advanced set-top box in the home work
with multiple client devices simultaneously and to provide both premium TV
content and a consistent User Interface to every connected client, which might
include connected TVs, Blu-ray players, OTT players and other devices.

Consumers using these connected clients would be able to
access content without the need for a separate set-top box.

Products supporting RVU started being deployed in late 2011
with solutions from DirecTV and Samsung and further advances in its features
are expected to occur with the release of the next generation of the RVU
specification at the end of 2012.

RVU demonstrations are taking place at the booths for Broadcom,
Entropic, Pace and Samsung.