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IBC: Rovi Broadens Video Data Coverage in Europe

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As more consumer electronics manufacturers and over-the-top service providers expand the video they offer via Internet-connected devices, Rovi Corporation has announced that it will broaden its entertainment database to include information on television programs, movies, and celebrities for Portugal and Russia, reports Dirk Peters, Rovi's VP of worldwide sales, Professional Technology Group.

In addition to the planned expansion in Europe, Rovi has also added Brazil to its roster of television data coverage of more than 30 different countries worldwide.

Rovi's global entertainment database, which covers some four million TV shows, 550,000 movie titles and more than a million celebrity profiles, is used in leading consumer devices, popular applications, pay-TV services and websites.

Peters explained in a briefing that Rovi is expanding the number of territories its database and metadata covers as consumer electronics manufacturers of connected TVs and other devices "increasingly want to ship a harmonized solution" so they don't have to customize program guides and apps for each specific territory.

Rovi coverage in Russia is expected to include schedule and program information and profiles in Russian on some popular local and global celebrities.

In Portugal, Rovi plans to cover 95% of the television programming available to the 3.5 million households in the country, 60 sources, hundreds of movies as well as profiles on popular local celebrities.

For Brazil, Rovi now offers schedule and program information for TV programs airing on 184 local Brazilian sources as well as thousands of profiles in Portuguese of some of Brazil's most popular local and international celebrities, and reviews of most popular movies.