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IBC: Ross Launches New Carbonite Multimedia Switcher

Complete Coverage: IBC 2012

Responding to demands of broadcasters who are looking for ways to directly connect computers and other devices that do not provide outputs for standard TV resolutions, Ross Video is launching a new Carbonite Multimedia production switcher.

The product includes all the standard features and functions of its predecessor but offers clients additional flexibility by accepting inputs from computers and devices that do not provide native SDI outputs.

Like the standard Carbonite platform, the Carbonite MultiMedia has two Rack Units with 16 or 24 SDI inputs, but allows four of those inputs to be selected as HDMI or analog instead of purely SDI.

These new inputs include low-latency and high-quality scaling technology that allows computer display formats to be seamlessly converted to the chosen production standard.

The Carbonite switchers have proved extremely successful, selling at a clip of about 700 a year.

"However, we discovered that many users were purchasing external devices to allow computers and legacy analog sources to be included in their productions," stated Nigel Spratling, switcher business development manager at Ross Video. "This new Carbonite engine now gives customers an alternative to those expensive and often complex external conversion devices, in turn simplifying system installation and operation."

In addition to the new Carbonite MultiMedia switcher, the company will be launching the Carbonite C2X, Carbonite's newest production switcher panel and the Carbonite+, a new 2RU switcher frame.

The Carbonite C2X, which is the fourth panel to be added to the line, is a 2 MLE panel that includes 32 direct access source select buttons and individual memory management keypads for each MLE. It is compatible with all Carbonite production engines.

Carbonite+ provides frame synchronization and format conversion on every input, allowing use of up to 24 untimed signals in a production. The new switcher frame also increases the number of internal DVE's from 4 to 8.