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IBC: Panasonic Announces New Products

Complete Coverage: IBC2011

Working out its largest IBC booth to date, Panasonic announced several new products at the market, including the new switcher, the AW-HE120 HD integrated camera and two standard LCD video monitors

Also at the market the company announced that pricing and availability for its shoulder mounted 3D camera, the AG-3DP1, which will have a suggest list price of $34,950 when it is released in December. The camera, which was introduced at NAB2011, will be used in 3D production at the Olympics next summer. 

The new AW-HE120 camera is an integrated remote video camera with a pan-tilt head and a compact design that is about 60% smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the AW-HE100. It also comes with a more powerful 20X zoom lens and a 2.2 megapixel U.L.T. 3-MOS image capture system with support for full HD video.

The new AV-HS410 live switcher is designed to be easier to use and comes with a seven inch color LCD panel, new memory preview functions and an improved multi-view display. The 1 ME switcher, also is expandable to support 3D production.

The two new LCD monitors for broadcasting and production use are the BT-L2150 (full HD, 21.5 inches) and the BT-L1500 (WXGA, 15.4 inches).