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IBC: Nevion to Launch H.264 Compression Solution

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Managed video service provider Nevion will be unveiling an advanced H.264 compression solution for broadcaster and service provider networks at IBC. The VS904-AIE-GE modular H.264 encoder is designed to offer a lower bandwidth alternative for SD and HD transmission that would complement Nevion's JPEG2000 offerings.

"Ventura's new H.264 solution enables the deployment of high quality video transport at much lower network speeds, making low bandwidth circuits relevant where they had previously not been," said Eugene Keane, president of Nevion USA. "The VS904 delivers 4:2:0 8-bit compression with best-of-breed performance -- all within the familiar Ventura modular platform. With Ventura's H.264 and JPEG 2000 solutions, video can be transported and scaled across all bandwidths with the right codec for the right application."

The VS904 is part of VideoIPath's managed video services system and Nevion's Ventura family of standards-based solutions.

The encoder provides SMPTE 2022-2-compliant IP network interfacing or DVB-ASI outputs for deployment over traditional video networks and can be configured at rates from 2Mbps to 25Mbps.