IBC: MX1 Consolidates Suite of Video, Media Services

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At IBC, media services company MX1 announced a hybrid, cloud-based and on-premises end-to-end media platform, MX1 360, consolidating the services previously offered by the company.

MX1 launched in early July, a result of the merger of SES Platform Services (a subsidiary of European satellite operator SES) with digital media services company RR Media.

“Bringing together creative content, unrivalled expertise and our world-class infrastructure, we’re working with our customers to monetize their content as the ultimate viewer experience, enabling them to reach more people, in more places, and on more screens, than ever before,” MX1 CEO Avi Cohen said in a statement. “Our innovative service platform MX1 360 gives media customers a tool for managing and delivering their content, setting a new standard for the industry. And our unique service approach gives them a partner that truly serves their needs — they can focus on creating amazing content, and we take care of everything else.”

MX1 360 covers three main service areas: content organization, monetization and global distribution. MX1 currently distributes content to more than 120 SVOD platforms.

MX1 also announced it had added former executives from both SES Platform Services and RR Media to its management team. ”Our new leadership team represents some of the most experienced and skilled managers in the media industry today,” Cohen said. “Together we are confident that our new company strategy will be effectively implemented worldwide.”