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IBC: Meduza Systems to Launch New 3D Lens

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Meduza Systems, which won kudos for the launch of its 3D camera at NAB, will be showing a new 3D lens at IBC2011. The Delta 4K S3D Meduza Lens was designed by Kenji Suematsu.

"As part of Meduza's continuing ambition to push the boundaries of excellence, the Delta series has been specifically developed to meet the challenges of precision needed both for 3D and for 4K cinematography," noted Chris Cary, CEO of the UK 3D Tech start-up, 3D Visual Enterprises, which is the parent company of Meduza Systems, in a statement.

This is important because existing 2D lenses and lens mounts were not designed for the optical precision needed for 3D, added Meduza Systems COO Jon Kitzen in a statement.

Traditional 2D lenses may, for example, indicate 50 mm, but in reality it actually be a 48.5 mm or 49.9 mm lens, which would hurt the quality of 3D images and create additional work and costs in post-production.

In addition, larger format film lenses may not be capable of the resolution requirements of the new generation of small compact 4K sensors, making them less suited for 3D work, Meduza executives believe.