IBC: mDialog Introduces New Ad Routing Solution

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In a development that should help streamline the process of delivering ads to
Internet-connected devices, mDialog will be showing new technology at IBC that
will allow their clients to replicate the TV national and local ad inventory
split on the iPhone, iPad, Android, GoogleTV, AppleTV, Roku, Xbox and other
IP-connected devices.

"The ability to replicate the on-air business model across a full
landscape of connected devices will open up an incredible opportunity for media
companies as they look to monetize their content on new platforms," said
Greg Philpott, founder and CEO of mDialog in a statement. "With our
proprietary ad routing technology, media companies will be able to integrate
local and national advertising across linear and live programming, as well as
take advantage of the increased targeting capabilities that come with our
uniquely addressable advertising solution across linear and live programming."

Also at the market, mDialog unveiled its "1-to-1 addressable
advertising" solution for linear and live-streaming programming.

With the new Smart Stream Platform, content owners and service providers will
be able to target specific advertisements to each individual viewer on devices
such as the iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV, GoogleTV, Roku, and Xbox.

The move is important because targeting for linear and live programming on
IP-connected devices has generally be limited to geo- or zone-based delivery;
with the Smart Stream platform, content owners and service providers can tailor
a ads to each individual viewer.

"Individual targeting is the Holy Grail for advertisers on both
IP-connected devices as well as traditional television," noted Philpott in
a statement. "With 1-to-1 addressable advertising, we're solving a massive
scale problem with our video management platform - managing millions of stream
and ads simultaneously."