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IBC: LG G2 Smartphones Using HEVC from VisualOn

Complete Coverage: IBC 2013

VisualOn, Inc. has announced that its high-efficiency video coding (HEVC) technology has been incorporated into LG G2 smartphones, which became available in the U.S. this week. 

The news is notable because mobile carriers face serious bandwidth limitations and are expected to adopt HEVC, which offers significant bandwidth savings over H.264 compression, so their networks can better handle HD video and other bandwidth intensive applications.

The incorporation is one of the earlier examples of HEVC being incorporated into a smartphone to provide better data usage, higher resolution video, efficient media storage and seamless playback, VisualOn reported.

With VisualOn's HEVC software decoder, LG G2 will feature 1080p, 6mbps at 30 fps for both local playback and streaming. In addition, VisualOn's HEVC solution is natively supported in LG G2 to play all HEVC-compliant video from any content providers.

"We were looking for a solution that took advantage of G2's capabilities to deliver the best video playback the industry has to offer," said Dr. Chris Roh, principal research engineer of LG. "VisualOn's software HEVC decoder provides our customers support for the latest streaming media formats."