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IBC: Imagine Launches Versio 3.0

Imagine Communications will be highlighting and demonstrating Versio 3.0, the newest version of its integrated playout system at IBC2015.

The Versio system got a great deal of attention at NAB in April of 2015, when the Disney/ABC Television Group announced it would move its linear broadcast operations —including global programming playout, delivery and network operations — to a unified IP cloud architecture based upon Imagine’s Versio platform.

At the time, Disney/ABC executives noted that this cloud-based approach would make it much easier to launch new services and provide them with much greater flexibility in adapting to changing market conditions and consumer demands.

“Our expanded investments in playout technology, coupled with our historic leadership and strength in automation, branding, graphics, file servers, and master control, have elevated Versio to state-of-the-art status in integrated channel playout,” said Tim Mendoza, VP of playout product management at Imagine Communications. “Our customers are seeking a solution that will thrive in all operational environments. Versio 3.0 provides a comprehensive, any-to-any playout architecture in COTS [commercial off the shelf] hardware, board and bundle, and virtualized models. With one code base and one user interface — regardless of input and output or network type — Versio 3.0 delivers unprecedented investment protection.”

The newest release is completely software based and provides a number of operating and deployment models from premises-based COTS servers to cloud-based virtual machines.

It also features “any-to-any transport,” and marks the introduction of the Versio MCS.

The Versio MCS allows users manage Versio’s advanced switching, graphics and automation capabilities with a simple touch of a button in a single or multichannel environment.

The cloud-deployed version of Versio 3.0 has been shortlisted for the IABM’s Design and Innovation Award for Playout and Delivery Systems.