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IBC: Grass Valley Adds HDR to LDX 86 Cameras

As interest grows in high dynamic range video, Grass Valley will be showing off a software upgrade option that IBC that the company says will provide significant visual improvements for HD and 4K video on its LDX cameras.

The Extended Dynamic Range (XDR) software upgrade option will be available for all LDX 86 series cameras working in single-speed formats (HD/3G/4K).

With the upgrade, the cameras will be able to deliver a dynamic range of 15 f-stops, which provides better images in extreme conditions and provide colorists with a much more precise light palette to work from.

“XDR is an exciting new option for our LDX 86 series cameras that will help our customers continue to deliver stunning imagery for any type of production,” said Mike Cronk, senior vice president of strategic marketing, Grass Valley in a statement.

Cronk added that the XDR option marked “the first true HDR camera system for broadcast applications and the first 2/3-inch camera system with available high dynamic range for HD and 4K.”

To achieve XDR operation, the camera must be equipped with an XF Fiber transmission system to deliver XDR outputs as well as simultaneous standard dynamic range (SDR) outputs in parallel, the company noted.