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IBC: Cameron | Pace Group Partners With Grass Valley On 3D

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At IBC, 3D technology provider, the Cameron | Pace Group, announced a wide-ranging partnership with Grass Valley that the two companies hope will accelerate the broadcast industry's move to3D stereoscopic production.

The two companies will be particularly focused on bringing a better 3D workflow to the broadcast arena, creating new products for the market, and developing more efficient and effective production solutions in the live 3D sports and entertainment broadcasting areas.

"We have to have powerful alliances with people who are major players in broadcast in order to really be able to fulfill this future and supply the kind of quality 3D entertainment that people are going to demand," noted James Cameron, co-chairman of the Cameron | Pace Group, in a statement. "It's very exciting what we're going to be able to do together, in term of creating new products and integrating them into the workflows. We've been working together for a long time and this just formalizes the relationship."

As the first step in the alliance, Cameron | Pace Group will incorporate Grass Valley production technologies, including the Kayenne Video Production Center switcher, K2 Production Clients, and K2 Dyno Replay Controllers into their most current 3D production truck.

The companies also hope to create more cost effective 3D solutions so that both 2D and 3D programming content can come from the same equipment and crew.

"Since the introduction of practical 3D production systems for broadcast, the main sticking-point has been the unnecessary costs and workflow issues associated with producing an event for both the traditional 2D audience and the emerging 3D audience," noted Alain Andreoli, president and CEO of Grass Valley, in a statement. This alliance "will be able to silence the critics by making the business case for dual production practical while delivering the best pictures to both audiences."