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IBC: Beyond the Hype--New Survey Shows Cloud Skepticism

Cloud-based technologies will likely be one of the hottest topics at this year’s IBC2015 but a new survey of several hundred industry executives by broadcast tech vendors Quantel and Snell suggests that the transition could take time and that there remains considerable skepticism about the technology.

The new survey noted that only 13% of the respondents were willing to use cloud-based technologies to playout their primary channel immediately, about the same percentage that said they would never make the move. One quarter (25%) said they would switch within two years, 36% within five years and 14% said within 10 years.

“Add on the implementation time to the consideration time, and for the great majority of respondents, cloud playout of their primary channels remains a long way off - at least a full capital equipment lifetime cycle,” the authors of the survey noted.

Over half (57%) said they are planning to keep managing their linear channel playout in-house even if they add new services and only 16% looking to outsource any expansion. Of those planning to expand their services, 41% are looking to Channel-in-a-Box solutions, with 19% proposing managed services and 20% going fully cloud-based.

"The first key finding that came out of this survey is that while many people are undoubtedly interested in the principle of cloud playout, the great majority see it becoming a reality only in a number of years' time," said Tim Felstead, Quantel and Snell head of product marketing, in a statement. "The survey also shows that there remains a strong market for CiaB [channel-in-a-box] solutions over the coming years. While this survey also demonstrates the mismatch between the general level of hyperbole around the cloud and the reality shown by solid testing, customers are nonetheless looking for a solid transition path to cloud playout as it grows up to become a cost-effective, capable alternative. This very much reflects our own product roadmap to cloud playout, which is the result of many conversations with our customers."