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IBC: ARM Gets Top IBC Award

A variety of awards were given out at the annual IBC awards ceremony on September 13th, with ARM getting is highest award and such companies as ESPN, Arista Networks, Evertz, Vizrt, Channel 4 and AMC’s Sundance Channel Global receiving other major honors.

ARM got the top award—the International Honor for Excellence 2015 Award—for its ground breaking work on processors that are now used in most smartphones and tablets, including the iPhone and iPad devices.

In a statement, Simon Segars, CEO of ARM, said that “We see an exciting future for the broadcast and entertainment industry as evolving technology brings new revenue streams, diversity in consumption and seamless viewing experiences across all devices. But getting there will require effort, as technology must be delivered in the most cost, capacity and energy efficient way so companies remain as sustainable as they are innovative. ARM designs intelligence that enables industry to create the content, refine it in production and get it on to everyone’s screens, and we will fully support the sector in this next phase. It is for this reason that we are hugely excited to be formally welcomed into the IBC family with the 2015 International Honour for Excellence.”

This year the Innovation Award for Content creation was given to “The Singer Takes it All” on Channel 4 in U.K., and to technical partners the Endemol Shine Group, Chunk, Tectonic Interactive, and Electoral Reform Society. The talent show won the prize because of its app, which allowed the contestants to audition karaoke-style and eventually for audiences to vote on live shows.

The winner of the annual Innovation Award for Content Management went to ESPN’s innovative Digital Center 2 facility and its technical Partners, Arista Networks, Evertz and Vizrt.

The Innovation Award for Content Delivery went to AMC’s Sundance Channel Global for innovation in the way it regionalized its TV Channels with technical partner Amagi Media Labs Pvt. Ltd.

In addition, the Technical Papers Committee gave the IBC Best Conference Paper Award to Andrew Cotton and Tim Borer of BBC Research & Development for their paper 'A Display Independent High Dynamic Range Television System.' The paper, which won the award prior to the start of IBC, was delivered earlier in the show on Friday September 11th.