IBC: Adstream Debuts Automated Ad Cloud Platform

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London-based Adstream debuted a new, cloud-based platform at IBC Sept. 9, offering a fully automated system for broadcasters to manage their video ad content across every platform, from VOD to OTT to linear TV.

Touted as an end-to-end solution, Adstream Connect will help broadcasters manage incoming ad content from multiple sources and vendors, in a similar fashion to how broadcasters currently buy and sell ads through automatic, programmatic platforms, according to Ian Wheal, global strategy director for Adstream.

“In the same way technology has made it possible to automate buying and selling ads through programmatic platforms, we are automating video ad management across channels with Adstream Connect,” Wheal said in a statement. “Our new service transforms video ad management from manual siloed processes into a simple, automated seamless workflow. This helps broadcasters focus on driving greater ad sales and their bottom line.”

The system works by giving broadcasters high-quality, broadcast-ready ads quickly, despite file sizes, acting as an online traffic approval system for every platform via one interface. Metadata, QC status, and the application of internal cart are all covered.

“In an Adstream Connect beta test with a major broadcast customer, we reduced their advertising deadline by three days,” Wheal said. “Our technology has turned their previous manual video management process into a hands-free workflow. They have turned the saved time into opportunities to sell more airtime and increase revenue.

“With the success of the beta test, we are now working together with this broadcaster to automate their entire advertising system – across video, as well as other channels.”

Currently available for broadcasters in Europe, Adstream Connect will be available for North America customers in early 2017.