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Hulu Launches ‘Watchlist’ Feature

Adding a feature that will help subs navigate its OTT library while making the experience more personalized, Hulu has added a “Watchlist” component that will help its viewers track TV shows and series, movies and video clips they are watching or might be interested in watching.

“Watchlist is a new way to store, organize and track your favorite shows and movies on Hulu,” Ben Smith, Hulu’s head of experience, explained in this post, noting that Watchlist is being rolled out over the next couple of weeks. “Rather than a static list, Watchlist is a dynamic, personalized lineup of your shows that changes every time you sit down to watch TV.”

Hulu has been helping subs track shows through other features such as Queue, Favorites and Shows You Watch. With Watchlist, Smith said, “[w]e’ve taken the best aspects of these features and turned them into a single, smarter place to keep track of your content that’s essentially accessible across all your devices, making your Hulu experience easier and more personalized.”

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