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Hulu To Launch Ad Campaign During Super Bowl

Hulu, the NBC universal-News Corp. joint venture, will finally launch an advertising campaign during Sunday’s Super bowl telecast.

The company, headed by former Amazon executive Jason Kilar, hasn't purchased any advertising up until now, instead relying on word of mouth and linkage online.

Hulu isn’t saying what the campaign will look like, if there will be a spokesperson or “voice” or if there will be any taglines.

Rather, the company says it will “reveal the secret behind Hulu.”

Despite the lack of any advertising campaign, Hulu has been growing in popularity with both users and advertisers since its beta launch in October, 2007 and public launch in March of last year.

According to numbers from ComScore, Hulu is the sixth largest video property, serving 227 million videos in November, when the data was last culled. That puts it ahead of Disney’s online properties (not counting ESPN), AOL and Turner’s properties, but still lagging far behind market leader YouTube, which holds a 40% market share.