Hulu Joins the 4K Fray

Hulu said it has launched a 4K library starting with original series such as The Path and 11.22.63, plus a 20 James Bond films on its SVOD platform.

Early on, Hulu is limiting access to its 4K fare on the Xbox One S and PlayStation 4. It will expand 4K support to more devices in 2017.  Possible candidates include 4K-capable Roku players, Amazon Fire TV boxes and Google’s new Chromecast streaming adapter.

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Hulu confirmed that subs will need 13 Mbps to stream content in 4K.

Initially, Hulu subs with the right technology combo can watch Hulu originals 11.22.63, The Path, Chance and Shut Eye (premiering on 12/7), and the following Bond films in the pixel-packed format:

Spectre; Die Another Day; The World Is Not Enough; GoldenEye; Licence To Kill;  The Living Daylights; A View To A Kill; Never Say Never Again; Octopussy; For Your Eyes Only; Moonraker; The Spy Who Loved Me; The Man With The Golden Gun; Diamonds Are Forever; On Her Majesty’s Secret Service; You Only Live Twice; Thunderball; Goldfinger; From Russia With Love and Dr. No.

Hulu, which has about 12  million subs, offers two SVOD tiers – a $7.99/month service with limited commercials, and a no-commercial offering for $11.99 per month.

Hulu is also developing a virtual MVPD service that will launch early next year, but has not announced its channel lineup and if it will include access to 4K content.

Hulu joins SVOD competitors Netflix and Amazon  in offering a 4K streaming library.