Xbox One S to Hit Stores Aug. 2

Microsoft has announced an Aug. 2 street date for its next-gen gaming console, the Xbox One S, which will include an Ultra High-Def (UHD) Blu-ray Disc drive and 2 TBs of hard drive space.

The $399 retail price for the Xbox One S matches the cheapest UHD Blu-ray player available, with Samsung and Phillips both offering their standalone models for $399. Panasonic has announced a $699 price tag for its first player.

A $299 version of the Xbox One S that has a 500-GB drive is also in the pipeline, as is a 1-TB edition for $349, Microsoft said. All versions are 40% smaller than the original Xbox One, include a USB port in the front and will be able to stream 4K content with high dynamic range (HDR).