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How Travel Channel Measures Up Against Digital Natives

For all the talk of “digital native” publishers eating up the TV network and publisher mindshare, one would think Travel Channel, with its strong linear footprint, might fade into the background against top publishers and magazines good at producing at the speed of mobile consumption. To see how the travel wars are playing out on Facebook, B&C teamed up with social video analytics company Tubular Labs, which tracks billions of videos across social platforms to take a heat check for video views in the month of January.

Travel Channel was the fourth most-watched creator in the travel category, according to Tubular, racking up an impressive 111.7 million views on Facebook.

Thrill seekers seem particularly attracted to Travel Channel content -- of its top five videos in January, four feature roller coasters (Terror Dactyl Canyon Swing; Gravity Max Roller Coaster in Taiwan; Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point; and Formula Rossa Roller Coaster at Ferrari World). The fifth is a look at Tilt!, which allows you to look down 106 floors from the top of a Chicago skyscraper. Maybe all the adrenaline will keep hearts pumping through the cold weather.

Here’s the full ranking for top travel creators on Facebook in January 2018:

1. BringMe (Buzzfeed)

218.4 million Facebook views

Most-Watched: “This German Water Park is Insane

2. UNILAD Adventure

212.9 million Facebook views
Most-watched: “Luxury Resort in the Maldives

3. INSIDER Travel

130.8 million Facebook views

Most-watched: “Roller coaster is pedal powered

4. Travel Channel

111.7 million Facebook views

Most-watched: “Terror Dactyl Canyon Swing

5. Matador Network

84.9 million Facebook views

Most-watched video “Magic Spot: Australia's Figure 8 Pools