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House to Hold Spectrum Policy Hearing

The House Energy & Commerce Committee will hold a hearing Tuesday, July 16, on spectrum policy.

The hearing, “Our Wireless Future: Building a Comprehensive Approach to Spectrum Policy," will look at how Congress can boost the migration to 5G while ensuring consumers are protected and that "thoughtful policy choices" are made, said Committee chairman Frank Pallone (D-N.J.) and Mike Doyle (D-Pa.), chairman of the Communications Subcommittee.

The President has set a goal of having more 5G spectrum by 2020 than any other country, legislation has been proposed to boost spectrum clearing. The FCC has put the pedal to the metal on freeing up spectrum, holding two high-band auctions in the past 12 months, voting to free up spectrum in other bands, planning to vote on items freeing up even more, and deregulating the tower-citing process.