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House Republican Moves to Block Broadband Reclassification

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Rep. John Culberson (R-Tex.) said at an FCC oversight hearing June 9
that he would introduce an amendment to the FCC's FY 2011 budget to
block the commission from reclassifying some of broadband under Title

Media Access Project quickly weighed in against such a move.
of the appropriations process to block FCC efforts to clarify its
authority over broadband transmission would be disastrous for the future
of public access to the open Internet," said MAP associate director
Matt Wood.

Culberson's announcement came at a House Appropriations
hearing on the FCC's budget. FCC Chariman Julius Genachowski pitched
reclassification as a compromise between doing nothing and doing too
much, and said it was necessary to resolve the "problems" created by the
BitTorrent decision.