Home Improvement Retailers Fixing Up Summer Ads

As the summer heats up, home improvement retailers are stepping up their TV advertising game, spending over $60 million more in TV advertising in the second quarter over the first.

For the year to date, 12 brands contributed $343.7 million on TV advertising spending in the home improvement category with Lowe’s leading the charge by contributing over 37% of the total. The Home Depot ranks second, with 27.5% of that spending, and ACE Hardware at third with over 12%.

Among the networks benefiting from this budget, CBS collected the most with an estimated $34.4 million, followed by NBC at $28 million and HGTV taking on the major broadcasters to place third with an estimated $25.9 million in the category, a virtual tie with ABC’s $25.6 million.

As for programming, sports dominated on TV advertising for the category, with the 2015 NCAA Basketball Tournament generating $16 million in ad spending, SportsCenter $5.8 million, and the PGA Tour Golf events another $3.7 million. Among home improvement shows, only Property Brothers landed in the top 5, with $4 million.

Antony Bruno compiled wrote this story forB&Con behalf of iSpot.tv.