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Hispanic Publisher impreMedia to Expand Video Offerings

The country's largest Hispanic newspaper publisher, impreMedia, has tapped Critical Media's Syndicaster real-time broadcast-to-Web video platform to expand the video offerings on impreMedia's widely-read web sites.

The two companies are billing the partnership as the largest ever commitment by a media company to delivering Web video news to the Latino community. It will affect the 7.7 million adults who consume news and information across impreMedia's offerings, creating new competition for the already extensive online efforts by Hispanic broadcasters Univision and Telemundo, and it illustrates the growing interest in targeting the rapidly expanding online Hispanic population.

According to a September 2010 report by Nielsen, more than half of Hispanics on the Internet have high speed access and about half spend some time each day on the Spanish-language Internet, using email, watching video or listening to music.

"Our audience is highly engaged and influential," said Monica Lozano, CEO of impreMedia, in a statement. "Our journalists will be able to connect with our audience on a deeper level through the expansive use of Web video news and features; users will have a richer experience while staying informed."

The Syndicaster technology will allow impreMedia's journalists to manage the video they collect in the field and to edit, publish, syndicate and distribute Web video news assets across impreMedia's various operations, which include El Diario La Prensa, El Mensajero, La Opinión, La Opinión Contigo, La Prensa, La Rasa, La Vibra and RUMBO Houston.

Critical Media already offers an extensive indexed database of Spanish-language broadcast content through their Critical Mention broadcast monitoring service. With Syndicaster's partnership with impreMedia, the company is now marketing itself has having collected the largest searchable database of digitized Spanish-language media in the world.

"From early on, we identified the Spanish-speaking community as one of the most influential demographics in the U.S. today," noted Critical Media CEO Sean Morgan in a statement. "Working with impreMedia, with its vast multimedia product offerings, further establishes Critical Media as the world's largest video ecosystem, specifically when it comes to the management of broadcast media targeted towards the Latino community."