Heavy Social Media Usage for Univision’s Premios Juventud

The red carpet program preceding Premios Juventud on Univision and the July 17 award show produced heavy social media traffic for the Spanish broadcaster, with 8.12 tweets per unique during the award show and 10.0 for the red carpet show.

With 10.0 tweets per unique, the red carpet show had the highest level of social media engagement of any award show related event thus far in 2014, beating all other English and Spanish-language networks.

The broadcaster also noted that Premios Juventud was the second highest awards show in 2014 for all English and Spanish language networks in terms of engagement or tweets per unique, beating out such shows at the Grammys, which had 5.23 tweets per unique, and the Oscars, with 4.03.

Premios Juventud beat out all other all English and Spanish language programs on broadcast networks on July 17 in terms of Twitter unique authors, with 122,000, and tweets, with 986,000, according to Nielsen.

Overall about 52% of all TV-related tweets that day pertained to Premios Juventud.