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HDTVs Now in 75% of U.S. Homes

HDTV adoption has more than tripled over the last five
years, with three-fourths of American households now owning at least one high-definition
TV set and 51% of U.S. homes owning at least two, according to a survey from
Leichtman Research Group.

Over all, about 38% of all U.S. households now have multiple
HDTV sets, up from 26% two years ago and 5% of all households five years ago,
LRG said. About 59% of TV sets in HD households are HDTVs.

About 22% of all households purchased a new TV set in the
past 12 months, with a mean average reported purchase price of $680. That's
about 30% less than five years ago, according to LRG. In the next 12 months,
14% of U.S. households plan to purchase a new TV set.

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