HBO Joins Sling TV Lineup for $15/Month

Beating its self-imposed “by Saturday” deadline, Sling TV said Thursday that it has added HBO to its lineup, offering the premium channel for $15 per month when bundled with the provider’s core TV package, which runs $20 per month.

Though Sling TV generally is a single-stream product, its HBO subs notably will have access to three streams of HBO content at no extra cost. That’s in addition to the single-stream dedicated to Sling TV’s core and $5 per month add-on packages (Hollywood Extra, Lifestyle Extra, World News Extra, Sports Extra, and Kids Extra). Multi-stream functionality for HBO, which will likely encourage a degree of password sharing, will be added to customer accounts on a rolling basis starting Thursday.

Thursday’s launch also ensures that Sling TV subs can get HBO ahead of the April 12 season five premiere of Game of Thrones.

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