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HBO Go Now Playing on Samsung TVs, But Not for Comcast and TWC

HBO's "TV Everywhere" service is now available on Samsung's Internet-connected HDTVs -- but customers of Comcast and Time Warner Cable can't access the feature today.

The two biggest U.S. cable operators also block access to HBO Go on Roku's Internet set-tops, while they do allow subscribers to access the service via PCs and mobile phones.

Meanwhile, DirecTV is allowing customers to log in to HBO Go on Samsung TVs, but like Comcast and TWC the satellite TV company hasn't given the green light to Roku. DirecTV did not immediately have an explanation for why the Samsung TVs are OK but the Roku boxes are not.

According to sources familiar with Comcast and Time Warner Cable's positions, HBO has not yet agreed to all of the conditions the MSOs require of TV Everywhere partners, such as how subscriber information is handled on third-party devices and websites.

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