Harris,Marketron Partner on Business Software

Harris Corporation and business software provider Marketron have agreed to collaborate on a consolidated business software solution that will provide media organizations with unified way of accessing information about advertisers, revenue, inventory and other critical data across such multiple platforms as TV, radio, cable and digital platforms.

The partnership between the two competitors comes at a time when media companies are increasingly looking for solutions that would allow them to track their growing multiplatform businesses.

As part of the effort, the two companies are integrating the Harris NetGain business intelligence and analysis system with Marketron's Mediascape open ecosystem platform.

The Mediascape integration also allows data from Harris' OSi-Traffic system to be used seamlessly in Marketron Insight Reporting, providing clients with detailed transactional and operational level reporting.

"The Harris-Marketron relationship is an ideal example of how customers win when vendors work together to build a common solution for the greater good of the industry," argued Harris Morris, president, Harris Broadcast Communications, in a statement. "This collaboration portrays two companies willing to open their platforms for the benefit of their customers. Harris' media software leadership in television, cable and new media from mobile to the internet, working in concert with Marketron's industry standard Mediascape platform, will be key to driving information exchange, data management and consolidated reporting across several mediums."

Mark Beck, VP of information technology at Cox Media Group also praised the integration of the systems, noting in a statement that "at Cox Media Group we employ different solutions to manage our radio and TV operations, which limits visibility into the performance of our media platforms. The collaboration between Marketron and Harris is significant to the media industry and lays the foundation for providing us with real-time, consolidated information to manage our business more effectively."