Harman’s Studer Demoes 'Ball Chaser' #IBC2014

At this year’s IBC, Harman’s Studer has been showing off a prototype of the Studer Ball Chaser product that is designed to bring viewers closer to the sports action.

The Ball Chaser allows broadcast engineers to use a joystick to open the shotgun microphone closest to the action on the playing area, while keeping the other microphones closed.

This overcomes problems with leaving all the shotgun microphones open, which can hurt the audio mix and the difficulties of manually opening one mic.

The unit connects directly to any Vista console via an Ethernet connection and is a simple joystick mounted on a small, portable box.

The operator can set the layout of the physical microphones around the pitch (up to 24 microphones may be used) and link these to the faders on the desk.