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Guavus Buys Applied Broadband's Cable 'Pipeline'

Big data firm Guavus is expanding its cable strategy in a
big way after snapping up Pipeline, a product originally developed by Applied
Broadband that collects and analyzes IPDR (Internet Protocol Detailed Records)
from cable modem termination systems (CMTSs).  

According to the companies, the asset purchase will give Guavus
a platform that is currently being licensed by seven of the top 10 North
American cable operators. Those MSOs haven't been identified by name, but they
are using Pipeline's IPDR platform to get a fix on network traffic trends and
for capacity planning. IPDR
has emerged as a de facto IP data collection standard for cable
. CableLabs,
for example, uses IPDR in the DOCSIS 3.0 and OpenCable Application Platform
(OCAP) specs.

Guavus said it will merge Pipeline's IPDR data platform with
existing systems that collect and analyze data from other sources, including
customer care, deep packet inspection and interactive voice response (IVR)
platforms. Guavus feeds that data into "decisioning applications" that
marketers can then use to analyze and uncover new revenue-driving

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