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Grass Valley Launches New Support Products

Grass Valley has announced a new portfolio of Support Agreement products that the vendor believes will better serve customers in the broadcast, tele-production, distribution and OB markets and allow clients to more easily plan their long-term maintenance needs.

The new portfolio will be managed by the Grass Valley Global Services division.

"Our new Support Agreement portfolio is now more balanced and in-tune with what our customers have been asking for-two distinct and easy to understand levels of service, with the ability to customize any Support Agreement for any situation," said Aengus Linehan, senior VP of global services for Grass Valley in a statement. "While Grass Valley support has always been second to none, our new Support Agreement portfolio allows us to better serve both our existing customers and new customers looking to simplify their maintenance needs."

The new portfolio of Support Agreements now includes three distinct types. Its new Basic agreement provides the same level of services as the standard warranty, plus basic response time commitments. A second level, Elite, provides around-the-clock technical phone support, a guaranteed four-hour response time for critical cases, advance parts exchange and free software updates and upgrades.

In addition, the company is also offering customized agreements.