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Google's Steib Touts 'Long Tail TV'

New York -- It's no news that the rise of cable and the
increasing penetration of the Internet has lead to the ever-fracturing of the
TV viewing audience. In a luncheon keynote at the ANA TV & Everything Video
Forum Thursday, Michael Steib, director of video ads for Google, gave the
roomful of advertisers his tips for getting the most bang for your advertising
buck  in a multi-platform media

His first tip was to "spend 50 cent dollars," as in buy space
on undervalued mediums. The first of these, he says, is long tail TV, networks
that have less than a 1% share. Steib says these are underpriced, pointing to a
statistic that the average person views 65 hours of TV per month on these long
tail networks.

The second medium he sees as underpriced (unsurprisingly for
a Google exec) is Internet ads, noting the $50 billion gap between time spent
on the Internet and the ad spend online.

But Steib reinforced that the recall on advertising is
greatest when the two mediums work in tandem. "If anyone tells you to do one or
the other, you're being misled."