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Google Outlines IPTV, 1-Gig Internet Service in Kansas City

After more than two years in the works, Google announced
details of its 1 Gigabit per second Internet fiber-to-the-home service -- as
well as a companion IPTV service with 161 channels and multiscreen access -- to
be available in Kansas City, Kan., and central Kansas City, Mo.

Google will charge $70 per month for standalone Internet
service, and $120 per month for TV plus 1-Gig service with a two-year contract.
Users also have the option to get 5 Mbps downstream Internet access for no
monthly charge for at least seven years, if they pay a one-time $300
"construction fee" or pay $25 per month for 12 months.

However, a listing of the service's initial channel lineup
excludes a number of top cable networks, including HBO, Disney Channel, ESPN,
Fox News Channel, TNT, TBS and AMC.

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