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Google Fiber Previews Austin Pricing

Google Fiber has posted details on the three residential service plans it will offer in Austin as it prepares to open up the sign-up process next month. 

While Google Fiber’s 1-gig stand-alone service and free basic Internet tier are almost carbon copies of its offerings in the Kansas City area and in Provo, Utah, its bundled 1-gig/pay-TV offering starts at $10 more per month.

In Austin, Google Fiber’s Gigabit+TV package, which features a video lineup with more than 150 channels and a DVR that can record up to eight shows at once, will start at $130 per month and waive the $300 construction fee if customers make a one-year commitment. Google Fiber’s 1-gig/pay-TV bundles in Kansas City and Provo start at $120 per month, a price based on a two-year contract.

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