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Google Fiber Deals for Webpass

Adding another way to expand to commercial locations and apartment buildings, Google Fiber has inked a deal to acquire Webpass, an ISP that uses Ethernet and point-to-point wireless technologies to deliver high-speed internet service to residential and business customers.

Financial terms were not announced, but Webpass says it has “tens of thousands” of customers across five major U.S. markets – San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, Miami, Chicago and Boston. Its FAQ notes that Webpass services is delivered as Ethernet, but supports wireless via routers and a “Webpass jack.”

Per the Webpass site, it has more than 800 buildings online, a team of more than 90 employees and a fleet of more than 20 vehicles. Its commercial customers include Zappos, Foursquare, Mozilla, HBO Films, Oracle Racing and Lyft.

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