Goei: 16 Viacom Nets to Return to Former Suddenlink Markets in August

Altice USA said it expects to begin queueing up Viacom channels in former Suddenlink systems by the end of August, ending what has been a three-year drought for the networks in about 18 company markets.

Suddenlinkdropped the Viacom channels in September 2014as a result of a carriage dispute when the distributor was an independent company. WhenAltice N.V. purchased Suddenlinkin December 2015, the networks were still dark.  

In May, Altice USA reached a company-wide agreement with Viacom that wouldreturn the channelsto the former Suddenlink's subscribers.

In a conference call with reporters prior to releasing its second quarter results, Altice USA chairman Dexter Goei said up to 16 Viacom channels will return to customers beginning at the end of August. He added that the roll-out will be through about 18 different markets, with 90% of the job complete by the end of the year.

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