Globecast to Use XenData for Archives

The broadcast systems integration company Ideal Systems has selected XenData's LTO archive solutions for GlobeCast's new broadcast facility in Mediapolis, Singapore.

In the facility, the XenData SX-522 archive server will be managing a robotic LTO tape library for the archive system. This will be integrated with a suite of products from Evertz Technologies that includes the Mediator 4 centralized media asset management system and broadcast automation product.

"We partnered with XenData for the rollout of the new broadcast facility at GlobeCast because it offers one of the most cost effective, robust digital video archives on the market and a great migration alternative to some of the more expensive digital video archive vendor offerings," said Fintan Mc Kiernan, CEO of Ideal Systems Singapore in a
statement. "With XenData, we are now able to deliver a much more cost effective digital video archive solution, which in turn has allowed us to offer our customers, such as GlobeCast, greater choice and price flexibility."