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Gannett Services Mobile Phones with Free Local News Sites

A series of mobile-phone-compatible local-news Web sites are being made available to owners of mobile devices, Gannett announced Friday.

These sites are specially tailored to fit easily on the small screens of mobile-phone displays. Although the sites mainly take content from Gannett's community daily newspapers and other local sources, users can link to national news, sports and finance content through Gannett's mobile site for USA Today.

"Local news and information is more in demand than ever by consumers across the country," said Jack Williams, president of Gannett Digital, emphasizing the ease and immediacy of getting information to consumers through mobile devices. The new sites are produced by local Gannett Information Centers, which promise constantly updated content, 24 hours a day.

The sites will also carry advertising on the national, regional and local level. "Advertisers who appreciate the value of trusted brands, local content, and audiences will be able to reach out to those consumers throughout the day," Williams said.

Free for users whose mobile phones include data plans and Internet browsing, the mobile sites can be accessed in several ways. Users can add the letter "m" before the URL of a Gannett site -- for example, Users can also find mobile sites through links from regular Gannett home pages and by texting keywords to specific addresses.