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FSU Acquires Panasonic 3D Camcorder

an illustration that 3D isn't just for big budget movies and high
profile sporting event, Seminole Productions, the video production unit
of Florida State University has acquired Panasonic's new AG-3DA1 Full HD
3D camcorder, which it is now using for shooting 3D recruitment videos
and to help football coaches analyze and review their players'

Seminole Productions first began experimenting with
3D sports production five years ago, using parallel rigs with two HD
camcorders prior to purchasing the Panasonic camera, which is the
world's first professional fully integrated full HD 3D camcorder that
records to SD card media.

While the coaches like working with the
footage because it allowed them to better evaluated players techniques
and performance, Seminole Productions Executive Director Mark Rodin
noted in a statement that the parallel rig with two cameras "wasn't an
easy rig in terms of setting alignment and convergence and post was
taking way too much time. "

This year, Rodin began working with a
pre-production model of the Panasonic 3D camcorder during football
training and found it was much easier to use.

"We had the camera
hooked up to Panasonics BT-3DL2550 3D monitor," he noted. "The coaches
could see the benefits instantaneously and I immediately realized
tremendous time-savings in post. I started out working with Adobe After
Effects and Final Cut Pro to do convergence and alignment and my
experience was that I could put clips in the timeline and know that
everything was mostly confortable."

Based on that experience,
Seminole Productions purchased the Panasonic 3DA1 as soon as it became
available last month and has since used it for shooting highlights and
coaching videos for football.

Rodin also noted that men's and women's basketball and soccer coaches have expressed an interest using 3D footage.